About us

Accord Foods

All Accord products have been inspected by the FDA - Food and Drug Administration,

All formulas are approved by USDA - United States Department of Agriculture,

and  follow HACCP for manufacturing procedures.


Following our fine tradition, in which the best of Asian cooking is included in our sauces, Accord Foods has continuously developed from family-owned business, Tso Hin Kee, in Hong Kong to a modern American corporation.

Tso Hin Kee Foods in Asia
Founded in 1945, Tso Hin Kee served the entire Asian market since then, and is highly anticipated presence at the Annual Hong Kong Product Expo. Building on the success that is still being achieved by Tso Hin Kee, the recipes that made our sauces household favorites continue to be made today.

Starting up in America
In 1994, our President and founder started Accord Foods Inc. in Rochester, New York and began manufacturing her family's sauces under the brand name of"Tso Hin Kee" and "Chor's Food".

Growth of Our Product Line
The first sauce introduced was Oyster Sauce followed by Hoisin Sauce, Guilin Style Chili Sauce, Asian Worcestershire Sauce, Sweet Vinegar, and Marinade Sauce. The Black Bean Chile Sauce was added in 1995 and was awarded first place in the International Hot Sauce division at the 1996 Fiery Foods Challenge, which is held yearly in New Mexico. Currently our product line includes over a dozen different kinds of Chinese Sauces, with a wide variety of tastes.  Our expansions of product line include sauces of Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, and Indonesian.

This diverse product variety offers the customer a range of products that run from the true authentic taste to the most modern, inventive flavors.

Our Company Today – Poised for Expansion
With more than half a century of making Asian sauces, our knowledge and expertise covers all the individual needs of our customers. Our growth will carry traditions and combine it with modern practices and scientific methods to ensure the continued high quality of our products while we continue to expand into new markets. Our commitment to a large collection of standard methods of Quality Control, including HACCP-Based Standard Operating Procedures, provides for the consistent high quality and safety of all our products. In fact our detailed Quality Control and Quality Assurance Program directs every stage and aspect of our production process.

This balance of experience, knowledge and the latest modern methods enable us to safely and uniformly produce a range of products that run from true authentic tastes to the most modern, inventive flavors.